Current Openings
Location: Boulder, CO Department: Product

Revolv Inc (formerly Mobiplug Networks) is a Boulder, CO based startup that unifies affordable home automation on your smart phone/tablet. We build solutions that deliver the simplest and most affordable complete home automation experience.

Our cloud-based software easily connects with all of the specialized wireless products being developed for the next-gen home like lights, locks, sensors, and streaming entertainment systems.  It enables consumers to easily setup any communicating product, regardless of technical specifics, and automate and control it from a single app on any mobile device.

We’re a TechStars Boulder 2012 graduate and we're funded by Foundry Group, a top-rated investor located right here in Boulder, CO.

We thrive on great coffee, cool smart home "awesomation" technology, inspired design, and our team’s ability to tackle, together, difficult problems with creative solutions. Our dog-friendly offices are located right in the heart of downtown Boulder, we're huge fans of company happy hours and like many startups, we work hard and play harder.